Availability & Statewide Plan

What You Need to Know

Vaccines are currently available in limited supply. As a result, some groups may be recommended for vaccination first, such as healthcare, essential workers, high-risk residents and patients 75 and up. Vaccine supplies are suspected to increase substantially in 2021. Recommendations for each phase will take many factors into account, including each vaccine’s characteristics, vaccine supply, disease epidemiology and local community factors. Read the Kansas COVID-19 Vaccination Plan (PDF).

An effective plan relies on free or low-cost vaccinations. You may charge an administration fee to a patient or their insurance for the time spent vaccinating patients; however, the vaccine itself and any provided PPE cannot be charged to a patient or their insurance provider. Vaccines cannot be denied based on the inability to pay an administration fee.

Weekly Vaccine Update

Find the latest news about vaccine availability in The Weekly Vaccine Update, which is published by 5 p.m. on Thursdays.